OND: The Journey to Small Business Ownership: Shoot for the Moon, Land Among the Stars

Starting a business at any time is a risk - but launching out on your own with nothing but a little money and an 18-year-old's vision to reap the benefits of your own labor? That's crazy... right? 

Maybe not for member David Lintz and his brother. Nearly twenty years ago now, they embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that took them around the country, through numerous retail locations and landed them in a place of financial independence and successful business ownership now in rental property. 

Please tune into the conversation below as David and I chat about his journey to becoming a successful small business owner. You can look forward to learning more about...

  • The qualities David believes is crucial to succeeding in business ownership
  • Advice, recommendations and lessons learned over the years
  • What pitfalls, considerations and ideas to take into account as you start your own business
  • & much more

Special thank you to David for sharing his experience and lessons learned with the community. 

Can you relate to any of the experiences, lessons learned or advice David shared? 

What advice would you give others considering starting the entrepreneurial lifestyle? Did you enjoy the conversation?

Please share below and feel free to ask David more about his experience by tagging him in your comment! 


  • During our conversation we spoke about the importance of adaptability when you are operating a business, and that reminded me of a friend of mine who is a trained portrait artist. He has always been self employed since he moved to America 20 years ago, but most of his businesses have been unrelated to his background in art, while his commissioned paintings were more of a side hobby he would do in addition to whatever retail business he was operating at the time. At some point he decided to become a tattoo artist because that allowed him to use his natural skill as an artist, but in a different, and more profitable way. He was not content to be a "starving artist", but he found a way to adapt his skills to a new concept that allows him to use his natural gift of being a great artist, while still making a respectable income. Sometimes we have to adapt by turning in a completely new direction, and sometimes you merely need to look at your skills, and how you can apply them, in a different way.