OND: The Thinking Behind the Engineering II - 2022 Technical ThinkPad Innovation
2022 brought a host of innovations to the legendary Lenovo ThinkPad laptop series. In tthe on-demand webinar below, resident ThinkPad expert Kevin Beck gets very technical highlighting the 2022 ThinkPad innovations. Enjoy watching below to learn more about UX, security and hybrid innovations and additions to the ThinkPad laptop. Did you miss part 1? Catch up on the engineering peek behind the historical ThinkPad Innovation since inception here . Would you like to have some of the slides per Kevin's offer? Drop a vote in the poll below and Beth will send them to you offline! Did you enjoy the webinar? Drop your thoughts in the comments and let us know if you enjoyed this piece. Enjoy more on the ThinkPad here . Another special thanks again to Kevin for sharing his time and expertise with the community!
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  • Everything Lenovo! Thank you Kevin!

  • Everything Lenovo! Thank you Kevin!

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