OND: Creation To Activation: How To Leverage Social Media For Your Business
For busy small business owners and entrepreneurs, building a social media strategy can seem daunting and time consuming. But social doesn’t have to be a burden. By taking a strategic and streamlined approach, your social media presence can help you reach a wider audience and maximize your business goals. In this session, Rachel Karten , social media consultant and writer of the Link in Bio newsletter, will join Lenovo Evolve Small Ambassador Yvette Wedow to break down the organic social fundamentals that every small business owner needs to know. Tune in below to learn: How to build an organic social media strategy that helps you reach your business goals Why you should prioritize quality over quantity in your business’ social media presence The value of leading with personality on social as a small business owner Did you...
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  • Good feedback on how to manage social media 

  • It's certainly been a boon for our customers to be able to glean so much info for themselves from the various social media platforms.  As part of the business community, we need to stay on our toes to be able to keep and serve clients effectively.  It is so easy for the public to research into how a company and its products perform across a wide range of parameters, that it is imperative we stay at the top of our game when interacting on those many different apps.

  • This is really useful information. The idea of building quality social media content as a means to generate business is a solid strategy.

  • Social media is free marketing if utilized correctly ! 

  • Good info on social media presence

  • It's free real estate!! Jokes apart, organic growth is the most important one and the one we all want to achieve!

  • Nice to hear this experts views on this topic.

  • I thank the god we have a team for it Slight smile

  • consistency is very important.. I find a tag line also helps in your post.. mine on Linked in is "Spinning it Forward" makes sense for the textile industry.. 

  • I found it interesting that people now days are finding new products using social media