Take Back Control with Lenovo Vantage

The Lenovo Vantage software application gives power back to the customer by assisting with managing and optimizing device performance without professional IT support. The software comes pre-installed on laptops and desktops and with a single click, the Lenovo Vantage dashboard gives instant insight into how your device operates. You no longer have to wonder how to adjust settings or if your device is due for an update. You can control the performance of your device from one simple dashboard. 

Plus, Lenovo Vantage will alert you to any device-related issues, saving you time and money. A recent study from Electric found that workers spend an average of three hours a week dealing with tech issues. And preventable tech problems can cost employers thousands of dollars per year per employee. In fact, a LinkedIn study from 2020 cited that the average business experiences 14 hours of downtime (annually); during this time, employees perform at an average of 63% peak. And consider the adjustment period needed once the system is back up and running.  cited that the average business experiences 14 hours of downtime annually, during which employees perform at an average of 63% peak. 

These disruptions can be significantly reduced by setting up devices for optimal performance using Lenovo Vantage on the front end.

Key Features:

The Lenovo Vantage dashboard gives a detailed look at your device and how it's performing. The dashboard layout is intuitive and organized to help you find what you need quickly. Here are several key features: 

  • Automatic Updates: Easily set up automatic updates for your hardware, update to the latest drivers, monitor memory usage and check on the warranty for your device.
  • Battery Protection: Enhance device longevity with battery protection, customized settings and set-up alerts for when to bring your charger along to your next meeting.
  • Device Safeguarding: Anytime you access public Wi-Fi, your device experiences a potential security risk. With Lenovo Vantage, the software scans networks to ensure your data remains private.
  • End-to-end Support: Lenovo support specialists are standing by to answer your questions and provide solutions to eliminate downtime and improve productivity.

For small business users, the Lenovo Vantage software provides features and functions aimed at helping a growing business. By selecting “For Home and Office Use”, small business users can access features designed to optimize performance such as device health and support, hardware settings like blue light reduction and Dolby® speaker setup, and integration of renowned security tools like Intel® Online Connect, SurfEasy VPN, McAfee LiveSafeTm and DashlaneTm password manager.

Lenovo Vantage also includes several special features, including:

  • Lenovo Smart Performance: Run a scan to assess your PC’s overall health and identify issues that can quickly be fixed.
  • Lenovo Smart Lock: Powered by Absolute®, the smart lock technology is a cloud-based security solution that locates, locks, secures and recovers your stolen device and gives you complete control over your data.
  • Lenovo Wi-Fi Security: Rely on advanced algorithms and crowd-sourced security data to warn of risky Wi-Fi networks so you can connect safely. 
  • Lenovo Vantage for Gaming: From our Legion PC users and beyond, level up your gaming experience.

Get the most from your device with Lenovo Vantage. To learn more and experience Lenovo Vantage for yourself, visit our webpage. Have you used Vantage and found it useful?  Do you have tips for how we can make it better?

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