Top Tech Must-Haves for Your Expanding Business

Growing your team is a clear indicator that you’re doing much more than one thing right, congratulations! As you welcome new employees, it's essential to equip them with the right tools from the start. This not only maintains productivity but also sets the stage for future growth. With that in mind, we've curated the ultimate tech checklist to ensure your new hires are prepared to contribute effectively right away.

The Essential Tech Checklist for New Hires

  1. Computers: The backbone of modern work, the ‘right’ computer depends on the specific demands of each role. For versatility and mobility, consider Think laptops with blazing-fast AMD processors equipped with high-speed AMD processors, ideal for everything from document creation to video editing.

For roles requiring high-performance computing like 3D modeling or scientific research, workstations offer the power needed.

Meanwhile, desktops cater well to roles focused on office applications, programming, or web development.

  1. Internet Access: Reliable high-speed internet is non-negotiable. It's essential not just for work-related tasks but for everyday activities like ordering lunch.
  2. Communication Tools: Email can be overkill but sometimes a phone conversation isn’t enough. Communication tools make collaboration seamless and intuitive (think instant messaging with built-in video capabilities.)
  3. Security Software: Protecting your data and devices is paramount. Implementing robust security and anti-virus software is critical for safeguarding against unauthorized access and cyber threats, especially on personal devices used for work.
  4. Productivity and Project Management Software: These tools are invaluable for keeping your team organized, tracking projects, and managing tasks efficiently. They streamline workflows and enhance collaboration.
  5. Specialized Tools: Tailor your technology stack to the unique needs of your team members. From CRM tools for sales teams to graphic design software for creatives, ensuring your team has the right specialized tools is key to their success.
  6. Community and Continuous Learning: Foster a culture of continuous growth by providing opportunities for learning and collaboration. Membership in communities like Lenovo Pro Community offers access to a wealth of resources, including webinars, product giveaways, and networking opportunities to support your team's development.

Shopping Smart for Your Team's Tech

As you shop for new tech, keep these three things in mind:

  • Balance Budget and Quality: Aim for a balance of cost and quality by investing in durable, reliable technology that will support employees' work without frequent replacements or upgrades.
  • Identify Specific Needs: Custom solutions are often necessary. Engaging with specialists can help tailor your technology investment to your team's specific needs. Lenovo Pro specialists are available to help as part of your membership!
  • Enable Productive Remote Work: If your new hires will work from home, make it easy for them to succeed. By deploying reliable tech that supports secure, remote access and tools that enable teamwork and productivity from anywhere, you can help make sure every second counts.

Set Up Your Team — and Your Business — for Success

Your investment in the right technology is an investment in your team's future and, by extension, the future of your business. 

When you join Lenovo Pro for free, you have immediate access to exclusive discounts and 1:1 access to Lenovo Pro Business Specialists to assist you every step of the way.

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