Winners! & Thank you for coming to Marketing Mania
Marketing M A N I A has come to an end. The last few weeks have been filled with a lot of marketing fun: from memorable marketing jingles and SEO basics to paid media advertising and working with local micro-influencers . The discussion has been amazing - some of the most fun and well-loved conversations include favorite (super) hero: marvel, comic, fantasy series, etc. , super power - what would yours be? , most memorable marketing ad/jingle and free or low cost marketing & creative resources . So tell us... What did you think of the event month? Please let us know in this brief, 6-question survey. We would love for you to fill out this above, 6-question survey about how you enjoyed the last few weeks. Beth and team wanted to create and deliver a fun, educational and engaging time for everyone to enjoy. So any positive or constructive...
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  • TadaFireworksTada Congratulations to the winners! TadaFireworksTada

  • TadaFireworksTada Congratulations to the winners! TadaFireworksTada

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