Think Green: Caring for Yourself, Your Business and Your Earth

The LenovoPRO Community team is very excited to bring you LenovoPRO’s Think Green, 4-week, digital ‘event’ geared towards caring for yourself, your business and your earth

With dozens of original, exclusive and timely content, multiple prizes, a limited-time badge and more, we hope this 4-week event will leave you feeling more refreshed and inspired than ever. Let's see what it's all about. 

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Checkout the highlights for what's in store in the next few weeks or dive into what's already available! 

Along with all the resources from above, there are also discussion threads and specific conversations buzzing about all the ways you can connect and learn from (and with!) the community.

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Earn & Win

What would our 4 week-long digital event be like without prizes, cool stuff and freebies to win along the way? Not half as fun I can assure you! So what can you expect? Keep reading to find out. 

$1,000 MyLenovoRewards Grant Competition

Submit a written or video submission answer 1 or two questions. 1 - Tell us about what you do in your organization or at your organization to promote and support mental health and work life balance? or 2 - How would winning this giveaway impact or advance your small business goals, progress and/or success?

  • Prize: $1,000 in MyLenovoRewards
  • How to enter: Submit your answer one of two questions
  • Time Frame: May 2022

Learn More & Submit your Response

Think Green Giveaway 

Complete as many tasks for entry to the giveaway for the best chances of winning. Good luck to you all! 

  • Prizes
    • Fitbit - Fitbit Versa 3 Health and Fitness Watch + GPS
    • Flex 5i Chromebook Intel (13”) - Abyss Blue
    • Tab P11 Plus + pen and keyboard - Slate Grey
    • (x2) Yoga Smart Tab - Iron Grey
    • (x3) Logitech ERGO K860 for Business
  • How to enter: Participate in the Community throughout the month of May!

Congrats winners!

Other ways to win

There may be some other little prizes and recognitions along the way! Enjoy the event, connect with others and enjoy yourself.

Earn Think Green Token

Earn the Think Green badge by participating in the event! Exclusive to those who login and engage in the event, only during May of 2022. 


Get the most out of the event weeks by connecting with others and exploring the community! We have groups, lots of intriguing discussions and many excelling small business owners and IT pros to connect with.  

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There are many conversations and groups in the community you can post or chat in! Browse groups to find topic-specific discussions, otherwise, check out some trending conversations below as you explore the community: 

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Search the National Member Base

Only interested in connecting with small business owners in the retail space or IT professionals in your industry with a company size of 100 or less? Get specific with our filtered member search and connect with others. Plus, there’s a bonus; you get more points when you mingle!  

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Additional Resources 

Are you new here? Welcome! Get started with some of the resources below and be sure to hang around for the rest of the month for more chances to enter the giveaway! 

Do you have any questions? Want to connect with the community team? 

Ask away in the comments below or send Beth your community manager a message.  


  • There is a dead link in the Learn section under the heading "ThinkPad Z: New Look and Recycled Materials"