Spotlight ROI: Maximizing Your Tech Investments

About Spotlight ROI

The LenovoPRO Community is proud to bring you exclusive content on how you can optimize your investments, tech or otherwise! From tech tips, buying guides, advice from your peers, staff picks and much more, were talking all about maximizing your ROI.

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How to Learn 

 This content is curated by the LenovoPRO Community team specifically for YOU! With much more to do and much less time and money to do it, we wanted to provide as many useful resources on maximizing your investments as possible.  

So without further delay, check out the content below: 

  • Best Tools – LenovoPRO Staff Picks....................................Published  
  • Do You Really Need that?.......................................................Published
  • Leveraging Memberships for Your Small Business.............Published
  • Small Business Tech Buying Guide (2021)...........................Published
  • Best Financial Advice from the Community.........................Published
  • Considerations for Financing Your Tech Purchases...........Published
  • Caring for Your PCs: Tips & Best Practices.........................Published
  • How to Make the Most of Collaboration Software................Published
  • Small Business Holiday Buying Guide..................................Published

Along with all the resources from above, there will also be discussion threads and specific conversations buzzing about all the ways you can connect and learn from (and with!) the community.  

How to Earn - Contests and prizes have expired

What would our week-long digital event be like without prizes, cool stuff and freebies to win along the way? Not half as fun I can assure you! So what can you expect? Keep reading to find out. 

 Laptop Contest

How has Lenovo helped you maximize your investments? Answer this question in 200 words or more to enter this special contest!

  • Prize: ThinkPad T14s (14”) AMD Laptop
  • How to enter: Participants who complete their submission according to the specifications
  • Time Frame: Monday, November 1st - Tuesday, November 30th
  • Submission: Participants must provide a written response to the following: “How has Lenovo helped you maximize your investments?” 200-500 words 
  • Winner: Winner will be judged by a panel of LenovoPRO Community judges and announced in the community during December
  • Terms & Conditions

Enter the Contest!

 Jabra Headset Giveaway

Top point earners during Super Week will automatically be entered for a chance to win one of two wireless Jabra headsets! Hello comfortable and practical conference calls... 

  • Prize: Jabra Evolve 75 MS Stereo Wireless Headset
  • How to participate: Top point earners during the Spotlight ROI Super Week
  • Time Frame: Monday, November 8th – Friday, November 12th 
  • Winners (x2): Two, randomly selected top point earners during Spotlight ROI event
  • Spotlight ROI Giveaway Terms & ConditionsAlternative form of entry available

How to earn points you ask?

 $10.00 MyLenovoRewards

Earn $10.00 in MyLenovoRewards when you make 1 or more replies in the community forums during the event starting Monday November 8th - Friday, November 12th!

  • All Lenovo rewards dollars will be awarded to your account upon the conclusion of the event week, about 5-7 business days
  • Participants must be LenovoPRO Community members and signed up to MyLenovoRewards to receive the $10 reward dollars  

Earn $10 Rewards by saying hello to everyone or reply on another thread!

Earn Spotlight ROI Stars

Such a special event deserves a special recognition. All the more for those who go above and beyond. Nothing but bragging rights here. 

Time to shine!

How to Connect 

 Get the most out of the event week by connecting with others and exploring the community! We have groups, lots of intriguing discussions and many excelling small business owners and IT pros to connect with.  

Join a Group!

There are many conversations and groups in the community you can post or chat in! Browse groups to find topic-specific discussions, otherwise, check out some trending conversations below as you explore the community: 

Pro Tip: Make sure you join the group you want to post in or you won't be able to post.  

Search the National Member Base

Only interested in connecting with small business owners in the retail space or IT professionals in your industry with a company size of 100 or less? Get specific with our filtered member search and connect with others. Plus, there’s a bonus; you get more points when you mingle!  

Explore the Member Base

Additional Resources 

Hang around for the rest of the month to enter the laptop contest and get even more resources on maxing your ROI: 

  • Whitepaper: How small businesses are making the most of every precious dollar - Check it out
  • Infographic: Maximize Your Investments with Next-Level Tech Solutions for Your Small Business - Coming to Community November 15th 
  • Critical Pursuits - Podcast Episode - Talk about efficiency! Join Lee Highsmith as he covers maximizing your investments with various tools and solutions - Coming to Community November 22nd!

Do you have any questions? Want to connect with the community team? 

Ask away in the comments below or send Beth your community manager a message.  


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