All About Love: Spreading the Love in your Business & Community
I don’t know about you, but we think the world could use a little more love these days. With many external, global, financial and otherwise challenging stresses seeping into the day-to-day routines of our lives, a little dose of love could be just what the doctor ordered. The LenovoPRO Community team (Beth, Sylvia, Mari, Diana, Sean and Morgan) are very excited to bring you LenovoPRO’s “All About Love” 2-week, digital ‘event’ geared towards growing, spreading and feeling the love in your business, community, life and self. With over a dozen pieces of original and exclusive content, special offers, multiple prizes, limited-time badges and more, we hope this 2-week event will leave you feeling more refreshed and inspired to spread the love than ever. Even if you couldn't be here live for the event, you can still enjoy all the good content...
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  • No, its a very good question! Some are manual and some are automatic :) Sure thing.

  • , not a problem at all! Just wasn't sure since some of the other non-event badges seem to be awarded automatically. Thanks for getting back to me about it.

  • Hey  Not at all! Within a week. I know I owed you a badge from earlier this week that I got to this morning. Thanks for your patience and kind question. 

  • Sorry to pop in with another question, but how frequently are the Badges awarded/updated?

  • Thanks for that clarification, !

  • Great question  . It is only when you 'like' something. Upvoting is a separate action Slight smile This can be blog posts/content/articles/videos/etc. as well as liking forum threads:



  • Does up-voting a reply you like count as one of the 100+ actions toward the Limitless Love badge?