[ENDED] Think Green Giveaways: Tech to Win
What would 4 special event weeks be like without giving away some cool new tech? This May, we have 6+ prizes to raffle away in celebration of mental health, sustainability and all things green - for members only! Unlock all the ways to enter by completing the tasks below in Gleam! ( P.S. - We'll know if you did the tasks or not - so please be integral in your entries ) ThinkGreen Giveaways: Ways to Win Are you new to the community? Welcome! Get a quick crash course here , understand some of the benefits here , introduce yourself here and don't miss any of May's ThinkGreen event this month ! Pro tip: Update your profile picture to help others get to know you. Bonus, complete your profile for a special badge and extra points ! In celebration of Small Business Month, we've partnered with MyLenovoRewards to bring you a grant competition...
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  • I am proof you can win a prize here - Thanks Lenovo.

  • Amazing! 

  • I will join the next one

    thank you Beth 

  • , thanks for the tips! I will try some of those in a bit and let you know if I still don't see anything.

  • Hey   Sorry about the confusion - it's sorta hard to find. Ray asked the same question here and I have a few screenshots as well: https://smbcommunity.lenovo.com/us/connect/groups/events-deals-giveaways/f/forum/504/may-specials---1k-competition-7-prizes-think-green-month-of-special-offers-more 

    Basically, once you are on your account page, as long as you have signed up with MyLenovoRewards, you can scroll to "Earn Rewards" and look for it in the list of activities. 

    Let me know if the thread/screenshots help or not. 

  • , where is the Troubleshooting Quiz? I don't see it.

  • Hi Beth,

    I clicked by mistake on ´done’ . I have some difficulties to undo it . Is it possible to assist ? 
    if it is still possible to assist to the webinar, I will be happy to assist Relaxed

  • Hey  Thanks for the heads-up. Sorry about that. It should now reflect the proper link. 

  •  , is the "Add to Calendar" entry supposed to take you to a specific page? I keep getting redirected to a Webinar from last month.