September Featured Community Member: Chris Niver
Featured Community Member, September 2022 The LenovoPRO Community is pleased to spotlight Chris Niver, IT extraordinaire and community member since January 2021, as September's featured member. Chris is a fun and quick wit with a kind and disarming demeanor. His numerous and insightful contributions to the Community and Lenovo can not be understated. Keep reading to see why we are so thankful to have Chris Niver's presence, expertise and experience in the LenovoPRO Community. Also, watch the webinar featuring Chris, "Discussing Drones" on-demand as we overview the uses, value and best practices as a UAV operator. About Chris Niver, IT Director at the City of Conover Prior to my career here in Conover, I was a professional ski bum. I started in Conover back in 2002 as the Environmental Planner and was soon promoted to Planning Director...
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  • Love your story - it is encouraging to know those of us without a tech background can find our niche in it even if it means a lot of hard work and dedication along the way. Cheers!

  • Congratulations! 

    Excellent mindset on both persistence and problem solving!

  • You have a very interesting life. Thank you for the inspiration.  Never give up! 

  • I am so happy to hear that I am not the only with with PICNIC problems.