Poll: What Lenovo tech would you like to see most in the community giveaways?
We know you come for the connection, resources and growth opportunities that community enables. BUT, let's be honest: the points, badges, perks, deals and giveaways don't hurt. We want to plan the future of community with your voice included! So... If you selected other, please comment below to share your awesome reward idea with us!
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    • Servers & storage
  • Personally, I believe the most impactful and useful giveaways that benefit peoples productivity and assist in them reaching the goals they strive for would be cell phones, laptops and servers. 

  • I would love to get the lastest legion 7 but it hmmmm can’t say it the best I have seen so far I wold prefer it to so many out there I would do anything get to any distance for this product in a easy offer 

  • I would be happy to give tickets to performances in our market area. 

  • I'd love to have Legion 7 but can't afford for it Sweat smile