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Announcing Community MyLenovo Rewards

Drumroll please... Introducing, the new, the amazing Lenovo Community Rewards - now powered by MyLenovo Rewards! Starting February 15th, activities on Lenovo Communities will grant you FREE MyLenovo Rewards! You can earn up to $10 each month across a variety of community activities to reach the full target.

How do I earn points on Lenovo Communities? 

You can earn MyLenovo Rewards Points on Lenovo Communities in the following ways: 

  • (2000) | Profile completion - (1/lifetime) – 2000 pt/each 
  • (1000) | Add or accept a friend - (10/month) - 100 pt/each 
  • (1000) | Receive likes or ratings - (5/month) - 200 pt/each 
  • (1000) | Leave a like or rating - (20/month) - 50 pt/each 
  • (3000) | Leave a comment - (10/month) - 300 pt/each 
  • (4000) | Start a new forum thread - (2/month) - 2000 pt/each 

Once you've accrued enough points, you can easily redeem them for your purchases at checkout on the LenovoPRO Store.  

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  • [ENDED] MyLenovo Rewards & Community Launch Sweepstakes!  Thank you everyone for entering the MyLenovoRewards Sweepstakes! It was so exciting to share such a monumental launch with such a big giveaway. One winner from each of the Lenovo Communities - LenovoPRO, LenovoEDU and Legion Gaming. The LenovoPRO Community Member winner is.....  Congrats William - we can't wait to see how you'll use your winnings. Thank you everyone and enjoy the newest benefit of the LenovoPRO Community! 

  • Getting paid to be a part of an already great community! I like it! Now if only my job paid enough so I could afford to spend them!

    Unfortunately, we only have 6 months before they expire. I think they should last for at least 12 months if anything.

  • Hi   I'm sorry about that! I forget the overall settings are a bit different than mine regarding post edits. I will look at having "Enter to Reply" unchecked by default or update the permissions so y'all can edit posts. Again, my apologies and thank you for bringing this to my attention! 

  • Lenovo has a wonderful commitment to sustainability initiatives in the future. Very cool to learn that. Anyone try the recycling or equipment lease programs yet?

  • Just a suggestion for Lenovo... If you're going to have an ""Enter to Reply" and have it checked by default, it would be nice if we could edit our own posts after submission. I accidentally hit the enter button before I was ready and had to copy my post, delete it, then paste into a new post to edit it. 

  • I'm right there with you. I've used Fujitsu for 20 years and was worried about changing. Fortunately that worry was unnecessary. I'm so pleased that my plan for a short response here turned into a short novel.lol

    Short version: They're tough as nails, reliable, and perform better than competitors despite costing less. :-)

    Now the long version for any who care to read it. lol

    I was loyal to Fujitsu since they first rolled out their center-hinge convertible in '03. The things were rugged as can be and the center hinge let you put the keyboard on the inside when folded back as a tablet. But a few years ago they discontinued laptop sales in the US. I was so annoyed that I delayed replacing laptops until I just couldn't avoid it any longer.

    Last year it was decision time. I bought similar laptops from HP, Dell, & Lenovo (X1 Carbon). Then my techs and I made deployment images for each. We ran the images then we each spent 2 months with each laptop, re-imaging them before swapping. That may sound silly but for nearly 20 years I've used nothing but Fujitsu laptops. I needed to make sure there weren't any little issues that would cause trouble later. My primary concern though was technicians working on ladders, roofs, and towers with a laptop that had the keys exposed on the back side. I thought I was going to need to buy spare keyboards just to have on hand because some of these guys in the field are just...careless. We were all a bit rough with the laptops but we had to cram 3 years of use into 6 months.

    It turns out that all three were pretty rugged. But in other areas they were far from equal. Both the HP and Dell were significantly more expensive. Yet despite matching specs, they both were slower than the Lenovo in every single test we threw at them. With the same configs right after imaging the drives and applying updates, letting the processor settle down then launching the same testing programs, the Lenovo was consistently running nearly every test about 15-20% faster than one and 25-30% faster than the other. They swapped positions on a few things, but neither came any closer than that with any test, and when we had everything running...Two OneDrives, Ultrasearch, OneNote, Evernote, Roboform, PowerToys, Mouse Without Borders, Phone Link, ToDoist, and a handful of web-apps, the Dell began to slow down.

    The Lenovo screen was brighter than the Dell which was nearly unusable outdoors on bright days. The HP was a lot brighter inside, but outdoors the glossy screen was still a chore to read compared to the Lenovo. The Lenovo is the only one of the three that had a business class machine with a 14 inch screen. Theirs are 13.

    The ports were about the same. The Lenovo doesn't have an SD card slot, but it really doesn't need one since I can get a Samsung Evo drive with twice the storage and still have spent less for a machine that's noticably faster than the other two.

    The keyboard is near perfect. The HP seemed clunky in comparison and the Dell was OK. I do wish that Lenovo would provide stickers for those that want to swap the CTRL/Fn keys but that's not a big deal.

    In testing we found that the HP had quirks with the face recognition and Windows Hello that required drivers to be uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times during testing. The wifi performed better on the Lenovo consistently providing more throughput than either of the others. The HP didn't even come with a stylus. It had to be purchased separately and there is no place slot for it! So getting customers to sign off on the tablet meant we went through 4 stylus' as they kept getting lost in the field. Yeah, they could sign with a finger but older people tend to not like that.

    We saved the spill test for last and all three survived.

    So overall, we unanimously chose the Lenovo and now a year later we have yet to have one fail on us. I've seen them get dropped, fall out of trucks, fall off of a truck when the driver forgot they set it on top of the toolbox and drove off. I've even seen one slide from the peak of a steep roof and into a gravel driveway. The outside got roughed up but that was last fall and it's still running like nothing happened.

    So overall, we're very satisfied and hopefully between now and retirement I won't need to worry about changing again.

  • This is so great!!! 

  • This is my 3rd Lenovo Laptop. I'm happy with the G50 and thrilled with the Lenovo Legion.  You can't go wrong with these laptops. They last a lifetime.