[ENDED] March Giveaway: Yoga 9i & ThinkVision Monitor
March Giveaway: Yoga 9i & ThinkVision Monitor
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  • That is a great question (sorry for my delay!). I believe it has to do with the suite of products you get and their ability to provider greater power and strength than everyday laptops, desktops, monitors and mobile devices. Here is the WorkStation FAQ page which you might find helpful to dig into a bit more! https://www.lenovo.com/us/lenovopro/en/faqs/workstations/.

    Some text from that page: 

    "Lenovo workstation computers are engineered for ultimate productivity with enhanced power, performance, and industry-leading reliability that standard desktop computers cannot match. By combining top-of-the-line components with expanded support for smarter technologies, like Client AI and AR/VR, Lenovo workstations are built to handle the most demanding projects."

  • Hey Walter! I draw the winners and announce them here in the community, in the bi-weekly email and personally through email. I haven't drawn yet but will very soon so keep an eye out!  

  • How do we know if we won??

  • My Yoga C940 is amazing so the 9i must be fantastic! I want a 9i!

  • Agreed

  • Thanks

  • This looks like a very nice Laptop! Do we think Lenovo will ever adopt the 2nd display concepts that Asus has come out with? I really like the idea of the display at the bottom for a debugger/console window.

  • My small business' success has been the reliability of my Lenovo IT products. 

  • I've heard great things about this and hope to win! I am a lucky guy!

  • I'd recommend the Lenovo G34w-10 34 Inch WLED Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor.