March Featured Member: Leslie Knepp

Featured Community Member, March 2023

The LenovoPRO Community is pleased to spotlight Leslie Knepp, IT Administrator and community member since April of '22, as March's featured member. Leslie is a very knowledgeable, kind and talented professional. His lighthearted and thoughtful presence adds so much to the LenovoPRO Community. Keep reading to see why we are so thankful to have Leslie Knepp in the Community. 

About Leslie Knepp 

Tech has been a magnet to me ever since my parents bought me Tonka Construction for my 4th birthday. Growing up, I fixed, broke, and reconfigured more devices than I can count. I've had several non-tech jobs. I was hired at my current employer as a graphic designer. I became more and more involved with IT until I find myself in my current role as IT Administrator.

There's an ocean of skills and knowledge waiting for me, and that is highly motivating for me to learn new things and understand how stuff works. 

Day-to-day Operations 

I'm on-site tech support for everyone at my location. So, if I get no support requests in a day, it means everything is going smoothly (or I showed up to work on a holiday Grimacing). One of my favorite things to do right now is use the Microsoft Power platform to automate tedious tasks for people in our org. Sometimes I get to work on fun projects like hooking up an old laptop to a ceiling speaker to play a fun sound whenever someone makes a donation.

Q & A

How long have you been a part of LenovoPRO and what is your favorite Lenovo product? 

I've been ordering from Lenovo for over two years! I was given the responsibility of buying computers for the non-profit I worked for. Our system before had been mostly buying used, home-grade laptops and desktops as needed. Within a few purchases of used equipment, I got frustrated at the extra hassle of dealing with returns and broken pieces. I decided to try buying new equipment from Lenovo and see how that went. Needless to say, it's going well. Smile

How has using your Lenovo equipment helped you accomplish things in your personal or professional life?

One of the built-in values of the work culture in my organization is practicality. We want high-quality equipment that will last and just work. Generally, I'd say our employees' level of tech-savvy is pretty low, so computers are viewed as tools to accomplish work.

My favorite part of replacing old computers is when I get to replace an old desktop with a Laptop/dock set up. Everyone who has had that upgrade loves the convenience of being able to plug a single cable into the laptop and continue their work as if they were on a desktop.

What do you enjoy most about the LenovoPRO Community?

I started out as a giveaways-only member — engaging here and there to rack up entries. We all have a past, I suppose. Grin The giveaways are still a highlight, but I also enjoy the range of topics and like being able to recognize people who post. There are a lot of great people who are a part of the community. 

What is one of the greatest professional successes you've experience thus far?

I was featured in the LenovoPRO Community! Joy

Based on just my own feelings, I would say my biggest success was giving up my role as a graphic designer and switching to more of an IT-focused role. It seemed like a scary decision at the time, but I am more thankful for that change as time goes on.

What is one of the greatest professional challenges you've experience thus far?

My greatest challenges have never been technical. I have been frustrated and exhausted by technical challenges, but the joy of finding solutions always washes that away. In my (relatively short) professional life, my biggest challenges have been with relationships, miscommunication, and competing values/cultural backgrounds.

Challenges, I'm finding, are excellent opportunities to grow — especially if you're in a healthy place to face them. Stay healthy, everyone!

What is one piece that you got along your professional journey that helped you? 

"Leslie, you don't need to be a specialist!"

I beat myself up quite a bit trying to find my area of specialization. The problem was that I loved going deep in so many areas that I couldn't decide what to become a specialist in. If you're in a similar place, I recommend reading Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein and talking with a trusted advisor about your skills.

What is one piece of advice you would give others?

Be patient with people who don't seem to get it. They may not understand what you do. Help them grow in their understanding. Find creative ways to connect the world they know to the world you know.

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Connect with Leslie

Pictured right: Opie Blush. He's a good boy.

Thank you for being such a valued part of the community, Leslie and congratulations on being March's Featured Community Member! 

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