LenovoPRO Staff Picks: Most Memorable Marketing Ads & Jingles
We all have them – the unforgettable, the ridiculous, the cheesy, the silly and the amazing ads and commercials that will never be too far from our minds. Maybe we love them, maybe we hate them, but we are always ready for a walk down ad lane with friends and family to marvel at the unforgettable qualities of our favorite (or not so favorite) ads. While maybe the scientific brilliance behind these unforgettable marketing ads go beyond our areas of expertise, the ability to be entranced by them certainly does not. Without further ado, take a potentially whacky and nostalgic ad trip around the world with the latest installment of LenovoPRO Community Manager Staff Picks: Most Memorable Marketing Ads (Lenovo and non-Lenovo!). GET ME SOME COLD CUTS TODAY! Surprisingly, I recently saw a Macy’s clothing store add that had a wonderful...
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  • This was before my time, but I have seen it talked about multiple times on The History Channel.  I also really want to drive Route 66 and this seems to fit in with that era of time.  www.printmag.com/.../

  • I have always wanted to drive cross-country on route 66! 

  • I have always wanted to drive cross-country on route 66! 

  • Try driving part of it.  I grew up on the far west end of Route 66.  I've also hit part of it near the Grand Canyon in AZ.