[ENDED] November Giveaway: ThinkPad X1 Carbon & Curved Monitor
Ahoy there and welcome to the Leagues of Leadership Giveaway! You've dropped by during a great month! Not only is this gonna be the best place to get the last and greatest on deals and specials as we approach holiday tech savings, but we also have not just one but TWO special giveaways going on! For this giveaway, in celebration of Leagues of Leadership event, we're (scuba) diving for your insights, hooking you into awesome events and sailing off into seas of community and conversation. So strap in and explore the below to discover all the possibilities to win some treasure, advance your rank and prepare to weather any storms ahead. November Giveaway: Curved Monitor & ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 Are you having verification issues submitting any of your entries? Scroll to the bottom of this post for more information. About the Prizes...
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  • thank you so much Lenovo!!  Christmas came early!!!and I’m so happy!

  • Thank you all so much for entering the [ENDED] November Giveaway: ThinkPad X1 Carbon & Curved Monitor ! I wish you all could win for your wonderful participation. But alas, we can only have two winners. And those lucky winners this November were   &   Congrats to you both and enjoy your new prizes! 

  • Yay! Our pleasure! These are fun and you never know if you could win!

  • LOL! 

  • Looking forward to it

  • Love my X1 Carbon. She’s still a brilliant piece of equipment despite her age:-)

  • Good luck to everyone participating.

  • Thank you Lenovo!

  • Nice!