How to earn points like a boss

Points are awarded for completing many different activities in the community.

See below for the full break-down of point-earning:

  • Post a forum thread - 20 points 
  • Reply in a forum - 20 points 
  • Rate a piece of content - 1 point
  • Accept a friend request - 5 points
  • Your initiated friend request is accepted - 10 points
  • When your content is liked - 1 point
  • Read a piece of content - 10 points
  • Comment on a piece of content - 10 points
  • Complete your profile - 20 points
  • Your forum reply is verified as an answer - 20 points

There may be other ways you can earn points, so just start engaging and watch as you wrack up the points. Sunglasses

What can you do with points? 

Depending on the community activities of the month, there are many things points can help you do! Check out some of the ways below:

  • Enter giveaways and sweepstakes
  • Graduate different badge levels
  • Make the leaderboard on the homepage
  • And more! 

In the future, we hope to make the points you earn in community translate directly into MyLenovoReward points. So all your engagement amounts to some awesome savings. 

In the meantime, good luck standing out as a top point earner in the community to achieve things like hitting the leaderboard, earning this 5,000 point milestone badge and entering giveaways!

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  • Great resource article for maximizing points! It doesn't look like any regular community members make it to the OVERACHIEVER milestone yet.....challenge accepted! Slight smile

  • Gotta be in IT to win IT!! ;) Good luck!!

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  • Thanks for opportunities to earn more points!

  • Love to get those prizes, can definitely put them to work

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  • Count me in!