[ENDED] February Giveaway: Chromebook Duet & UHD 4K Monitor
This February, the LenovoPRO Community is spreading the love by giving away over 10 special prizes to members only! Increase your chances of winning when you complete the list of activities below and keep a steady eye out for the rest of the chances to win other prizes during our special event, All About Love , from 2/7-2/18 . February Giveaway: Chromebook Duet & UHD 4K Monitor Are you having verification issues submitting any of your entries? Scroll to the bottom of this post for more information About the Prizes Lenovo Chromebook Duet (10.1") 2 in 1 2-in-1 Chromebook Use as a tablet or laptop – unique design with detachable keyboard you can take anywhere Mobile & convenient 10 inch FHD IPS touchscreen with pen support Boots in under 10 seconds & runs automatic updates in background Unique dual-tone...
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  • Expanding...always looking for Hardware, I can always cross my fingers and maybe win some from time to time.

  • My computer is on its last legs.  I need a new one very badly.  This would help so much.

  • Thank you Aaron. I was able to discover the hold-up and some work arounds! 

    So apparently, due to the fraud detection process in Gleam, this additional verification 'gate' can happen when a user is entering from an IP or location that has been previously flagged. As you have shared, you may be prompted to verify yourself via Google or social media, as this is the quickest way to check if you are YOU! Otherwise, I suggest the following, that you:

    • Not enter the giveaway from a shared location like a school, workplace, hotel or library
    • Turn off a VPN if you have one enabled (as these are commonly used for fraud)
    • Login to the giveaway via a secure connection rather than cellular data
    • Restart your connection (as some ISPs will recycle IP addresses)

    Please let me know if you have success with the suggestions above! Thank you Christopher and Aaron for bring this to my attention! 

  • My pleasure! Let me know if you need anything else.

  • Btw   thanks for the screenshots and context - will allow me to troubleshoot and solve. Thank you! 

  • Oh, weird. Let me check into that as that was NOT a step I expected to be in this flow. Stay tuned. Sorry friends! 

    • Physician Assistant working with an inner-city non-profit infectious disease for HIV, prep and primary care.  Survived covid as a front-line provider in post-acute care before switching to this arena.  that portable monitor would be fantastic!
  • Happy to give these little fellas a new forever home!

  • Actually, scratch my comment below - I am also getting an error when I try to submit another daily entry in the gleam form. It looks something like this:

    For the record, I've tried logging out of gleam and logging back in with my e-mail (as I described in my initial response). I can see all my previously submitted entries when I do so, but the "+1 daily" button redirects to the above message whenever I click on it.

  • Like said in her response, you don't need to link these accounts to enter. I enter with just my e-mail every time, and while it usually requires an additional step by entering a verification code, I don't mind at all.