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Are you ready to take your idea to the next level? Launching off into the unknown, as we are discussing now , can be very scary. Whether you are pursuing the entrepreneurship lifestyle, chasing a business goal or working on a personal pursuit - we want to help. So we've hand-picked a few of the most well-suited tech tools to get you started on your new journey or keep you hustling towards your shooting star. And since we don't have a bundle for everyone, we've created a contest designed to award this tech bundle to one of you in hopes that you can keep pursuing your vision and help inspire each other to do the same. So, in the comments below, please tell us below how winning this tech bundle would help fuel your entrepreneurial and life goals. How To Enter: Submit an original written essay containing 200 – 500 words in response to...
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  • Thank you so much for your entry Judith. Wow! It was amazing to get a closer view of your journey into language translation and support. Your goal to help others overcome fear and isolation due to communication challenges is a worthy one. The judges and I love your mission and were compelled by your entry. Thank you for giving us a chance to join your journey and for being such an inspiration to this community. Happy Holidays and much health to you! 

  • Thank you so much for your entry Andreina. Wow, the judges and I were refreshed, inspired and uplifted in receiving your entry. You have a talent for storytelling and we felt honored to be invited into your Graphic Designer and PM certification goals. A snapshot to your life gave us much joy. This competition was very tight and you were a finalist in this contest. I know you will keep on in all your goals because of who you are and how you forge ahead. We can't wait to see more of your light in the community! Happy Holidays! 

  • Thank you for your entry Assia! This is an exciting journey you are on and we are so thankful to have had the chance to hear your upcoming goals. I can't wait to see how your business grows. Wishing you health, happiness and joy as you keep on your entrepreneurial journey!

  • Thank you so much for your thoughtful and well-written entry Aaron! Your work is very inspiring and the judges and I were quite taken with your journey. The paid and unpaid work you engage in, as well as the pursuit of your doctorate requires quite a bit of dedication. Thank you for sharing your commitment to your goals and the vigor you extend in seemingly all you do. You inspire us all!

  • Thank you so much for your entry Timothy. The judges and I were very inspired by your goal to instill a love of history to young learners. We can't wait to see and hear more about all you continue to pursue with the Tech Bundle in tow. Congratulations on being chosen the winner of the Entrepreneurship Contest! Thank you again and Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

  • Thank you everyone for entering August's Entrepreneurship Contest. After much deliberation, Timothy S. has been chosen as the winner for the Tech Bundle. The judges and I were moved and inspired by all your entries. The pursuit of your goals and businesses is very admirable and we wish we could have all awarded the title of winner to you all! We were honored to receive your words, your goals, your effort, and your vision. Please stay connected for future opportunities to earn or win more. 

  • Think back to when you were in school and were sitting in a history classroom. Can you picture it now? Maybe there were posters of past Presidents on the wall, maybe there was a gigantic map of the world or a globe, maybe even a flag hanging from the chalkboard. Visualizing it now? Good, because based on my experience, you either just smiled to yourself… or you yawned.

    Now if you’re in the former group—great! You had a great teacher, parent, or adult in your life that fostered a love of history. But all too often, we find people who don’t enjoy history and the lessons we’ve been taught throughout the history of humanity. Maybe it was the curriculum—after all, the most exciting and interesting parts of history are not usually the most exciting or entertaining.

    As a writer of historical fiction for middle schoolers, my goal is to not just teach history—but teach a love for history.

    Writing is highly entrepreneurial in the digital age. More and more, publishing has become a far more entrepreneurial endeavor. In many cases, we’re hired as freelancers and ghost writers which is essentially working as a sole proprietor and having to manage your own business. Writing, publishing, and marketing your written content is what pays the bills and increasingly that work is being done outside of a publishing entity.

    As a entrepreneur, my work is done constantly on the go—wherever inspiration strikes. Whether it’s zipping out an entire new chapter at a coffee shop, jotting out an synopsis for an upcoming project on the train, or making edits at night, the new Lenovo IdeaPad will be perfect for my business.

  • Hi! I am Aaron Pelot, an independent business owner of a translation and cultural consulting firm called Peloglot LLC that specializes in Japanese translation, interpretation, language acquisition, and a whole host of related services. I started up in 2014 officially as an LLC, which in turn was building off 3 years as a professional and 5 years as a language instructor using Japan, both in the U.S. and Japan. Since then, I have expanded into a number of fields, including the legal and automotive industries; and more recently I also have taken up a lot of work in non-profits, particularly churches and religious organizations.

    The project I am currently working on is a large translation project for a faith organization that is translating a popular biblical dramatization into a number of languages as an evangelistic tool. Japanese is one of the languages being targeted first, and I am privileged to serve as a cultural consultant and subject matter expert for them – a very new role for me that I am excited about! This coincides with my current doctoral work I am doing in tandem with my regular work, which is focusing on how Christianity becomes “inculturated” into Japan; which is to say how does it speak in a way that Japanese culture understands, and how does Japanese culture respond to and receive something coming from the outside. I’m very excited to serve as a volunteer on a team that spans the globe – we have people contributing in Japan, the U.S., and other countries as well.

    Because of the international nature of this particular project, and the prospects it holds for me to be able to grow professionally through it and put it proudly on my resume as something I’ve contributed to, I want to have a dedicated setup for making sure I stay connected with the team and pull my weight. And since I am studying as well as working, I’m constantly moving from place to place as I do my paid and unpaid work in these roles. With these factors in mind, I think I would benefit greatly from the Bundle as it would allow me to work remotely as part of the international team while allowing me to take my work with me as needed and also allow me to keep my other computer setup stable and in my office space to handle the other projects I may receive. That I don't have a dedicated webcam or headset at present also makes this an attractive offer to me. Thanks for your consideration!

  • Why would it be me the winner of the nice prize ?

    Well, simply because of who I am. I can sincerely say that I think and really think that it would be best that I be the one who gets it.

    This is because I have to often travel to other branches of my company; and my revenue in this work trips is not high, yet the satisfaction I get from these trips, from discovering different places and people is much better than the financial satisfaction.

    Having had a great experience with Lenovo, I previously insisted on having one of its products in my actual professional project.

    Thus I have the privilege of writing to you from my Lenovo X1 Carbon that I bought last year. A pure pleasure!

    For the moment, I only bought the laptop, and along my work trips, I realize that there are some articles I need to get as soon as possible.

    The gift of this competition covers a wide range of what I need since it is a work travel pack par excellence.

    Thus what asking more than the articles I need from the brand I want ?

    I expressed in a sincere and spontaneous way why I would like to get this gift and how I am someone who would benefit from it.

  • Title: "Designing Dreams. The Lenovo Quest"

    Author: Andreina M.

    Once upon a time in a bustling city where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blurred, there lived a young 25-year-old graphic designer named Andreina. Her life was quite simple; she lived alone with her two rescued dogs, spent her days working, loved music, had a profound passion for cooking, and held an unwavering commitment to her family and her studies. She is currently working towards obtaining her first certification in project management.

    Andreina has always set the goal of being the best in her profession while never abandoning her studies. However, there are days when she feels limited by the technology that surrounds her. That's why she has been trying to save enough money to upgrade her devices and peripherals. Unfortunately, it has been a challenging year, and she has even had to financially support her family. Nevertheless, she never lost faith. She knew that with enough effort, no goal was beyond her reach.

    On what appeared to be a peaceful day, Andreina stumbled upon a fantastic opportunity. Through the streets of her city, an incredible festival was being celebrated for the first time, marking the beginning of Lenovo's legendary contest. This contest aimed to enhance the life of an entrepreneur by equipping them with suitable technological tools to propel any business or life goal. The prize? A treasure trove of high-quality products designed to enhance productivity while maintaining mobility. This included the IdeaPad Flex 5 laptop with a powerful AMD processor, a 15.6" portable monitor for multitasking, the incredible Logitech C925e camera to stand out on any video call, the Jabra Evolve 65 Flex headphones considered the best in professional audio, and equally significant, a Lenovo ThinkPad backpack, ideal for carrying all these tools to your next workspace.

    Upon reaching the city, Andreina prepared herself to enter the Lenovo contest, recognizing it as a unique opportunity to elevate her quality of life. As a remote worker, these products would help her achieve her goal of continuing her studies and striving every day to become the best graphic designer. As the sun set on the horizon, Andreina sat in a nearby café, poised to embark on her quest. Our protagonist readied herself to offer her maximum effort. She understood that her journey wouldn't be easy, but her creativity and resilience would be her trusted companions.

    The day of the final presentation for Lenovo's Quest arrived. Andreina stood before the judges, her heart pounding with excitement. She showcased her project, demonstrating how this prize could serve as a bridge between the digital and natural worlds, transforming her dreams into reality. Her presentation left everyone astonished, but would it be enough to be announced as the winner?

    To be continued...