[ENDED] Earn a $50 Amazon Gift Card via Participation in Community Usability Study

In a constant effort to improve the LenovoPRO Community experience, we are looking for Rockstar members to help us make it better.

If you've ever logged into a site, community or digital experience and thought to yourself, 'this could be greatly improved by moving this here, getting better aesthetics here and goodness gracious! removing that section!' then this is the challenge for you!

Spend 60 minutes 1-1 with our fabulous UX team via video chat completing various tasks in this usability study and channel all that fabulous feedback about the LenovoPRO Community to the people who can actually do something with it! Plus, who doesn't love an extra $50 to spend on Amazon just for participating? Just saying...

Studies will begin in JULY.

All seats have been filled for this study.

However, if you want to be added to a waiting list in case of a participant change or you are interested in participating in future studies, please let me know!

If you're interested, message me or send me an email at bknittel@lenovo.com with your availability and time zone and I will get you on the waiting list.