LenovoPRO Community Giveaways & Contests

Welcome to the LenovoPRO Community Giveaways & Contests! 

What better way to perk our amazing customers and community members than with exciting giveaways and contests every month in the community?

Don't see what anything you like? Let us know in this poll what prizes and giveaway options you most hope to receive and we'll take it under advisement! 

Check in every month to see what new and exciting tech we are giving away and look back at what we've given away already!

July, 2023: ThinkPad T14s Gen 4 Giveaway Open!

Winners to be announced!  

June, 2023: June Giveaway: ThinkPhone, 4K Monitor & Extreme Tablet Bundle Closed

Winners to be announced!  

May, 2023: Small Business Month & Jabra Giveaway Closed

Winners to be announced!  

April, 2023: ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 & Custom Shure Audio Setup Closed!

Congratulations Faith S.! 

March, 2023: ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 & Custom Shure Audio Setup Closed!

Congrats Peter J. & Anton V.!

Lenovo Communities Rewards Sweepstakes, February 15th - March 15th: $1,000 MyLenovo Rewards Sweepstakes CLOSED!

Congrats William W.!

February, 2023: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 CLOSED

Congrats to our winners: Richard W., Judith S. & Peter H.! 

January - March, 2023: ThinkBook 14 Gen 4 AMD (14”) Giveaway Powered by Evolve Small CLOSED!

Congratulations winners: Walter B., Judith S. & Angela M.! Enjoy!

January, 2023: New Year's Giveaway: Yoga 6 13" AMD & Moto G in Twilight Blue CLOSED!

Congrats Anna P. & Nathan M.! 

December, 2022: ThinkPad P16, Monitor, Moto G, Jabra Goodies & More CLOSED!

Congrats to our winners: Keith C., Jennifer M., Steven S., Leslie K., Jason J., Sameul S., & Walter B.! 

November, 2022: ThinkPad X1 Carbon & Curved Monitor, Leagues of Leadership Giveaway: Closed.

Congrats Angela Y. and Gary T.!

Oct-Dec 2022: Evolve Small ThinkBook Giveway - CLOSED!

Congrats to our winners: Judith S., Aric H., & Randy V.!

October, 2022: Happy Anniversary Giveaway: ThinkPad Z13 AMD - Closed

Congrats Walter B.!

September, 2022: ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses - Closed!

Congratulations winner Chris N.!

August, 2022: August Giveaway & Top Point Earner Giveaway - Closed!

Congratulations winners! Kristin M., Sherry C., Sarah P., Orenthal C., Norman B., Leslie K., & Fernando B.!

Congrats Rodney S., Steven S. & Chris N.!  

July, 2022: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 - Closed!

Congrats Gadi S.! 

June, 2022: ThinkPad X1 Yoga, ThinkCentre & Tab P11 Plus - Closed

Congratulations Kevin L., Bret H. & Christian P.! 

$1,000 in MyLenovoReward Giveaway Grant CompetitionClosed

Congratulations Matt S.! 

Think Green Giveaway: Ended!

Winners, congratulations! Aaron P, Rodney S, Matt S, Brian V, Brian T, John R, Judith S, & Leslie K

April Giveaway: Lenovo QHD Monitors - X6 - Closed

Congratulations to Walter B., Jeff K., Josiah M., Brian V., Michael L., & Sunny C! 

March, 2022: Yoga 9i & ThinkVision Monitor - Closed!

Congratulations to Bigname C. & Donna R! 

February, 2022: Chromebook Duet & UHD 4K Monitor - Closed! 

Congratulations to Bogdan C.! 

Congratulations to Brian V.! 

Congratulations to Aaron P., Christopher N. & A.B.! 


Congratulations to Kevin L., Rodney S. & Bogdan C.!

Congratulations to Christopher N., event MVP! 

January, 2022: ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga - Closed!

Congratulations to Rodney Stauffer! 

January, 2022: IoT Make-Over - Closed!  

Congrats Jon F. & Anthony!

December, 2021: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 - Closed.

Congrats to our winner: Karen Palmer! 


November, 2021: ThinkPad T14s, AMD, 14" 

Congrats to our winner: Sydney Rose!


Spotlight ROI: Headset Giveaway x2

Congrats to our winners: Mx. Juniper Systems & Henderson Seale!

Spotlight ROI: $10 in MyLenovoRewards

Congrats to our winners!

Spotlight Star Badge Earners: Congrats!


  • VR 
  • Ray Glenn 
  • Bogdan Chivoiu
  • Steven Bensky 
  • Mx. Juniper Systems
  • Gloria Torres 
  • Mikel Carr 
  • peter chao
  • Gilles de Bordeaux 
  • Shamille Garris 
  • Henderson Seale
  • Edwin Miller 
  • Lon Walters 
  • Moshe Flumenbaum
  • Randy Dence 
  • Brian Saper 
  • Amy Dendy 
  • Jason Kuhar 
  • Mohamed Essa 
  • Brittney Sargent 
  • Alecia Caudill
  • Mike LeMoine 
  • Diana Haker 
  • Daniel Yu
  • Cary Wagner
  • Murry Shohat 
  • Jack Liu
  • Michael Underwood
  • Diego Matamoros 
  • Dylan Okihiro 

October, 2021: ThinkBook 14 & UHD 4K Monitor

Congrats to our winners: Gloria Torres!

September, 2021: ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6

Congrats to our winner! Cristina Chirsky


August, 2021: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9

Congrats to our winners! Tina Rappaport


July, 2021: Belkin Wireless Headphones

Congrats to our winners! Erik Bodwell & Ronnie Redd

June, 2021: Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Set

Congrats to our winners! Mikel Carr, Brittney Sargent & Cody Gober

May, 2021: Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Set

Congrats to our winners! Alan Minthorn, Rebecca Childs, Roger Wells, & Jessica Keeney

April, 2021: 17" Laptop Urban Backpack

Congrats to our winners! Alan DeYoung, Steven Bensky, & Madalam S


March, 2021: Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Congrats to our winners! Ray Glenn, Jwayne Clivens, & Adolfo Chapa


February, 2021: Lenovo Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

Congrats to our winners! Jacob Regalado, Jack Chia, John Dichiara, Lon Walters, & Rusty Nuts

January, 2021: Lenovo Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

Congrats to our winners! Michael Glenn, Bogdan Chivoiu, Jeff Price, Wilton Parrish, & James Ray Rhodes


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