Challenge #6: Burnout & Work Life Balance

The sixth challenge in our small business challenge and solution series is one business owners, start-ups, full-time professionals and just about everyone can connect to: finding balance and avoiding burnout.

Turning to our jungle analogy, we know that rest, proper fuel and plenty of hydration are key to continuing an exploration. When sleep, balanced nutrition and fluids are compromised, the journey is as well. Even a small injury like a sprained ankle still needs days of proper rest to fully heal.

Whether facing the challenges of the business, office, or jungle, improper care of ourselves results in lower awareness, compromised problem-solving and lower levels of concentration.

Give your business venture your best by taking care of you first! So, what has your experience been like discovering balance between your business and personal life, maintaining healthy habits and avoiding burnout? 

Keep in mind the following as you drop-in your two cents (don't forget to callout your line of business and years in business):

  • Have you ever experienced burnout? Have you ever taken a sabbatical?
  • What tactics do you deploy to juggle all your responsibilities while preserving your mental health?
  • Is there such a thing as worklife balance?

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  • That is great to hear Judith!! You go girl!! 

  • I have recently began traveling again. It helps with any struggles.