Benefits of the LenovoPRO Community

The LenovoPRO Community was created as a space to help you overcome business challenges, connect with other professionals and business owners and grow your business with curated and helpful resources. With a foreground focus of providing you business growth resources and a background of innovative technology expertise and supply, we strive to provide you with the best information and resources possible to realize your goals.

We cherish the opportunity to support you along your business journey, whether you are a sole proprietor, small business owner, IT director, entrepreneur - aspiring and realized - dedicated professional, or other.

If you're new here, you might enjoy a quick crash course in community. If you're not 100% sure exactly what to expect from being part of this community, peek at some benefits below! 

Our added value for you Crown

The LenovoPRO community gives you the opportunity to accelerate your business growth and find new solutions to common challenges. As a community we can support each other and benefit from our network!

Books Grow with your business

Evolve your business with informative resources like articles, infographics, videos, and webinars on topics like financial management, IoT, marketing, digital transformation, and more. In the resource library, you can filter all resources according to your interests or view the latest publications.

Busts in silhouette Exchange ideas with other business founders

Discuss COVID-19 support, edge computing, productivity hacks, and many other business topics on the forums. Under Forums you can find all discussion groups and forums and network with other members.

Money with wings Discover special deals in community

Community members have exciting offers and discounts that can result in great savings. These are long-term and temporary perks. Off to the special deals!

Two hearts Commitment to community pays off

Earn points and badges through active participation such as reading articles, watching videos, being active on forums, and participating in group discussions. Commitment is rewarded with us! You can find more here.

poison Great sweepstakes for community members

Take part in the monthly raffles! Attractive prizes such as X1 Carbons, Yogas, Chromebooks, monitors, new accessories and much more await our members! See what sort of giveaways we have held in the past and stay tuned for what is to come here

Still not found any added value for yourself? Here are more benefits:

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Learn more about your LenovoPRO membership by visiting and we look forward to see more of you in the community! 

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Did you know? We also have gaming and student communities too! Learn more about communities at Lenovo.


  • I learn so much!

  • In the beginning, it was more to have better deals.

    with time, we discover a community divetsified who share ideas, someone reliable who will assist if we (client) need it, and the best deals.

  • Free Expedited Shipping is the best.  We don't have to keep to much in stock at our office because we know we can get fast free delivery.

    I also love the giveaways. Slight smile