Welcome to 3-2-1 LAUNCH: EntrepreneurSHIP

The Community team is very excited to bring you 3-2-1 LAUNCH: EntrepreneurSHIP: A 5-week digital ‘event’ geared towards launching your inner entrepreneur, fostering confidence & taking your ideas to the next level. 

Having you been toying with taking your side hustle or hobby to the next level? Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to flex your ideation prowess? Or are you a working professional hoping to grow your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to improve your performance? Not matter what way entrepreneurship may manifest in your life, we can all feed our inner entrepreneur with new ideas and fresh conversation. 

So buckle up and join us this August as we launch into the unknown in this our latest event: EntrepreneurSHIP! We'll focus on kicking off your inner entrepreneur and ways to pursue your goals with a fun, cheesy and galactic twist. Besides, what better comparison does the journey of entrepreneurship have to the intimidation, excitement and need for preparation that a space-bound mission also requires?

With numerous resources, multiple ways to win, and more, we hope the next five weeks will leave you feeling more confident and excited than ever to start your new venture (cough, with the right technology Wink).  

Learn during EntrepreneurSHIP

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August Updates & Welcome from Yours Truly Smile

Earn & Win during EntrepreneurSHIP

What would our 5 week-long digital event be like without prizes, cool stuff and freebies to win along the way? 

EntrepreneurSHIP: Special Giveaway

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About the Prize: ThinkPad P14s Gen 2 14” Intel Mobile Workstation

Power that moves 

  • Up to 11th Gen Intel® CoreTm processors

  • Optional NVIDIA® professional graphics

  • 14" slim, light and portable mobile workstation

  • Perfect for highly mobile power users

  • Equipped with ThinkShield security solutions

  • Great for students, architects, and engineers to be creative anytime, anywhere.

Entrepreneurship Contest 

We know that getting a new venture off the ground is a big task - highly aided with having the right tech in place - so we created an entrepreneur's dream: Operation lift-off tech bundle. 


  • I want to meet a new friend every day!

  • That is a great goal! I am trying to also haha!

  • That is a great goal! I am trying to also haha!

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