[ENDED] April Giveaway: Lenovo QHD Monitors - X6
April Giveaway: 6 Lenovo L27q-35 27" QHD Monitors
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  • Thank you!!!

  • It's very generous. Fingers crossed I'll win one of them.

  • Nice!

  • Best of luck to everyone and happy Mother

  • I agree with you on the monitor.

  • And a marvelous May.

  • I got a ThinkCenter desktop in small factory form and would like to find a speaker solution to augment the sound (vs. headphones all the time). Any suggestions?

  • New member and excited to be here.

  • Hi Bonnie, yes, I agree and think it’s Awesome for Lenovo to give its customers a chance to win some this amazing Monitor.

  • I’m a new customer but I have heard a lot about the Lenovo computer and decided to get it inter grated with my business.