[ENDED] $1,000 in MyLenovoReward Giveaway Grant Competition
Answer one of the following questions in the comments below this post to enter the MyLenovoRewards Grant competition: 1. What you do in your organization or at your organization to promote and support mental health, work life balance and/or sustainability? OR 2. How would winning this giveaway impact or advance your small business goals, progress and/or success? Not for the faint of heart, your entry must be either an original written response (containing 500 – 700 words), or original video response (2 – 10 minutes long) and will be judged according to the following criteria: (45%) Verbalization of response (25%) Authenticity (15%) Originality (15%) Level of effort in crafting submission Sign up for MyLenovoRewards to start earing reward points now or in case you win the points in this competition! Entries that do not...
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  • Thank you for your entry Thomas!

  • Thank you for your entry Donald. Wow - I love hearing about music in the community. It sounds like your venue really helps support musicians and inspire the community. I love how children under 12 and NPOs enjoy free admission to your shows.

  • Thank you for your entry Judith! You called-out some great mental health challenges in the world today. It is so cool to hear what you are doing to positively benefit your customers and employees. It's great to hear how you feel about Lenovo and your aspirations.

  • Thank you for your entry Aaron. I love the vision of your business and am very excited for you as you transition from freelance-style work to a full-on business. I appreciate how clearly you see your needs and next steps to fuel your vision and I am so thankful Lenovo gets to be along for the ride. I know you will achieve all you set out to do and more.

  • Thank you for your entry Tim. Wow - it's like this question was meant for you to answer! The Connection Project sounds like an incredible community support organization and I love how much you are making a difference in your community. Regardless of this giveaway, I wish you the best in growing this support network and hope you achieve all you set out to do.

  • Thank you for your entry Timothy! Wow - it was so cool to read and learn more about PARI and how you aim to support and inspire youth. The programs you offer and the lessons within them are truly inspiring. Regardless of this giveaway, I hope you get everything you need to keep fueling the young minds of the future.

  • Thank you for your entry Carol! Wow - I am amazed at how many programs you support. Sounds like extremely helpful, tough and fulfilling work that you do and I am inspired.

  • Thank you for your entry Mikel! So nice to see you around. Wow - you are even more multi-talented than I knew! What amazing and passionate work you do helping support and uplift others through your activities, skills and community. I am very excited for you in all your current and future endeavors.

  • Thank you for your entry Sarah! I totally love and agree with everything you said about celebrating life within the workplace. So many great ideas, team building and work life balance. Great to hear all you do and major kudos to these successful activities.

  • Thank you so much for your entry Assia! I LOVED hearing about your right-hand man in your future X1 Carbon. I hope you get it soon regardless of how this giveaway goes and have wonderful stories yet to share!