[ENDED] $1,000 in MyLenovoReward Giveaway Grant Competition
Answer one of the following questions in the comments below this post to enter the MyLenovoRewards Grant competition: 1. What you do in your organization or at your organization to promote and support mental health, work life balance and/or sustainability? OR 2. How would winning this giveaway impact or advance your small business goals, progress and/or success? Not for the faint of heart, your entry must be either an original written response (containing 500 – 700 words), or original video response (2 – 10 minutes long) and will be judged according to the following criteria: (45%) Verbalization of response (25%) Authenticity (15%) Originality (15%) Level of effort in crafting submission Sign up for MyLenovoRewards to start earing reward points now or in case you win the points in this competition! Entries that do not...
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  • As a certified financial planner I realize that not everyone would make an ideal client for me as not everyone meets my minimum of investible assets.  I still put in about 20 hours per year of pro bono work for underserved communities.  One big help in my being able to meet the needs of underserved communities is to go to where they are instead of expecting them to come to my office, so I bring my Lenovo Yoga laptop to show them basic financial concepts to help them get to the next level, whether it be getting out of debt, saving for an emergency fund, or putting a little into a retirement plan month by month and year by year.  I have created a basic financial presentation that I can show to different groups and just give them the basic tools that very few of us were priviledged to learn.  If I can help them get better I believe we will all be better off in the long run.

  • Thank you for your entry Kalvin!

  • Thank you for your entry Kalvin!

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