[ENDED] $1,000 in MyLenovoReward Giveaway Grant Competition
Answer one of the following questions in the comments below this post to enter the MyLenovoRewards Grant competition: 1. What you do in your organization or at your organization to promote and support mental health, work life balance and/or sustainability? OR 2. How would winning this giveaway impact or advance your small business goals, progress and/or success? Not for the faint of heart, your entry must be either an original written response (containing 500 – 700 words), or original video response (2 – 10 minutes long) and will be judged according to the following criteria: (45%) Verbalization of response (25%) Authenticity (15%) Originality (15%) Level of effort in crafting submission Sign up for MyLenovoRewards to start earing reward points now or in case you win the points in this competition! Entries that do not...
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  • In December 2021, I opened my small business as a way to continue working with my previous employers, but on my own terms and while remaining working in my home-based office. I mainly work on Health & Safety training videos for school district employees, to include, faculty, custodians, mechanics, bus drivers and administrative staff. I also work on Safety training programs for a small number of Counties. As the school audit cycle approaches, I will also be working on the reports for school district Safety & Security audits, to include active shooter and EOP plans for many districts across Texas.

    Work has been going well and growing both with my main client and new smaller clients. My husband has been a stay at home parent for the last 4 years but our youngest starts school in the Fall. As I begin to grow my client list, my husband would also like to take on some of the workload and make this a family business, now that he will no longer have childcare duties during the day. I am getting to the point that I have more than enough work and will be unable to take on any new clients if I’m the only employee. I would like to order new equipment to allow my husband to join my team and hopefully continue to expand the business. Being blessed with the means to do that would help not only our business to grow but our family to succeed and build a better life and future for our three children.

  • Thank you for your entry Corrie!

  • Thank you for your entry Corrie!

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