[ENDED] $1,000 in MyLenovoReward Giveaway Grant Competition
Answer one of the following questions in the comments below this post to enter the MyLenovoRewards Grant competition: 1. What you do in your organization or at your organization to promote and support mental health, work life balance and/or sustainability? OR 2. How would winning this giveaway impact or advance your small business goals, progress and/or success? Not for the faint of heart, your entry must be either an original written response (containing 500 – 700 words), or original video response (2 – 10 minutes long) and will be judged according to the following criteria: (45%) Verbalization of response (25%) Authenticity (15%) Originality (15%) Level of effort in crafting submission Sign up for MyLenovoRewards to start earing reward points now or in case you win the points in this competition! Entries that do not...
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  • Promoting healthy work balance is important.  We have healthy snacks for everyone to help keep their minds and body balanced.  There are calming and stress free music.  We encourage a fitness break throughout the day to get the body and blood flow moving.  Our office works as a team in unison to achieve a common goal.  Every member has equal access to information and  materials needed to accomplish the total task.  Our team leader is very supportive and her role is to make sure everyone is being the best they can be.  We believe in being an integral part of our environment and work, use and recycle in as many ways as we can to benefit humanity and the world.  Our company goal is to advance in our area of expertise and maintain a connection to our employees and environment so that everyone and everything we touch will be better because of our presences.  "We strive better everyday".

  • Thank you for your entry Peter! 

  • Thank you for your entry Peter! 

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