3 Tips for staying healthy & productive while working remotely
When working or teaching from home for long hours each day, it's important to create a comfortable environment. Computer screens, TVs and smartphones emit blue light that can damage our health. Studies show that without taking preventative steps, it can cause accelerated fatigue, eye strain, insomnia, and even contribute to retinal damage. 1. Control exposure to blue-light We recommend users check their PC to see if it has settings to combat eye strain. For example, most Lenovo devices include Lenovo Vantage settings which include an Eye Care Mode that reduces blue light emissions. Use a monitor that has an antiglare panel for reduced reflections and is Eye Comfort and Low Blue Light certified by a renowned third-party like TÜV Rheinland. 2. Ergonomics isn’t just theory Using a reasonably large monitor is recommended, even for...
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  • great article

  • I've recently started using Gunnar Optiks yellow lens glasses at work to cut down on the blue light and help reduce eye strain. I'm not 100% sure yet, as I'm not sure how to measure the success, but I think they help....lol.