Will robots give us more "me" time?
For one of the world’s leading robotics and AI experts, human beings are the center of the story. The robots are coming, and Daniela Rus is OK with that. As the director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT and a MacArthur fellow, Rus has been at the forefront of robotics and AI for decades. Her new book The Heart and the Chip , co-authored with science writer Gregory Mone, argues for a vision of AI and robotics that prioritizes people: “Robots can be designed to filter the repetitive tasks out of our daily lives,” she writes. “By working closely with intelligent machines, we could have more time to be human.” The book chronicles a career highlighted by human-focused achievements in robotics. In one, her team experiments with using autonomous car tech to help blind people navigate their environment on foot...
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  • LOL

  • I imagine a time when robots starts nagging when you get back home. lol.