What laptop should I get? Top things to consider
Written by Kati Dietzsch . Every craftsperson must pick the right tool for the job. While it’s possible to cut a piece of wood in half with a pocketknife, it’s obviously not the most effective approach. The other way around, a chainsaw would be slightly over-the-top for making a peanut butter sandwich. Technology is no different. With countless great (or sometimes not-so-great) hardware to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Choosing the right tech The first thing I do before selecting new technology is identify my needs, both in general and for specific tasks. There are a few things that are important to me in every tech product. For instance, it’s important to me that hardware is sturdy – otherwise, the device wouldn’t survive long in my hands, knowing myself. I also need products that are reliable, durable, and...
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  • I am researching a new laptop. My current laptop is not up to the tasking I am asking from it. I was wondering if anyone might have some ideas for me? I don't need anything crazy as far as graphics. Where I believe my problems stem from processing. I work with a lot of data rich programs and find that I am creating some intensive spreadsheets. Calculating a lot of fields from multiple sheets inside workbooks. 

  • Hey Kevin! That is a great question. The very best way to get in touch with Kati is on her Instagram @ miss.molerat

  • Thank you Kati for your precious advices 

  • Thanks for sharing this post, Kati! Question for you, when building something from scratch, what resource(s) do you consult to make sure parts are compatible?