Want to Grow Your Business? Stop Making To-Do Lists.
Don’t focus on more — focus on more of what grows your business. I have a proposition for you. Stop organizing your day based on time. Think in terms of priorities, instead. Once you do, you’ll progress faster toward your business goals. Let me explain. When you’re launching, running or trying to grow a business , every day is a hustle. Even if you, like me, aim to maintain a solid work-life balance, your schedule can fill up before you even reach the office. For many of us, our first instinct is to create a to-do list and organize our days into neat blocks of time. We feel a sense of accomplishment the moment we strike through another item on our list. But, as it turns out, this isn’t the most effective way to manage our workday. For starters, most people vastly underestimate how much time a project will require, a phenomenon known...
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  • I like the idea that priorities should be set and adhered to. I do wonder if the proposition above does devolve into time blocks, however: Identifying "prime times" and setting up "boundaries" sound a lot like scheduling blocks of time. I would think a hybrid approach--priorities + time blocks--would be most ideal.

  • Scheduling tasks to optimal parts of the day, makes sense, but was not obvious to me.

  • This is an idea that I'll be trying. My to do list's have been overwhelming me lately.  Thanks for the advice!