Trade-In Program: How to trade in your old tech with LenovoPRO
In the celebration of Earth Day, springtime and the spirit of good stewardship, we thought it was high time to shine a little light on the recycling and Trade-In programs here at LenovoPRO - all the whos, what's, where's, whys and how's! First things first: we have a few different sustainability and recycling programs at Lenovo including the Trade-In Program , Asset Recovery and others. This piece will focus specifically on the Trade-In Program which centers around recycling 1-20 devices per customer. If you're part of a much larger organization with many more devices to trade-in, recycle or dispose of, read more on the Asset Recovery Services Lenovo provides enterprise-level customers here . We will include a few notes around the basic recycling resources we offer at the end of this piece to give you a little more info. Premise of the...
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  • Hahahaha, my X240 (which still runs and even has a few upgrades) is valued at $0 because there is a crack in the chassis at the fingerprint reader. Without it would still only be ~$35 - I'd spend more just getting and replacing the keyboard cover than its worth.

  • Haha love it. Somethings can be worth so much more than what it looks like at first glance or on the inside. Glad to hear it's running so good Smiley

  • Neat program! We do a lot of Trade-Ins with our old cell phones and usually do pretty good with the vendor's trade-in offers. That said, my T530 Thinkpad laptop was valued at $7.55 for this trade-in. Still runs like a champ. I think I'll just keep using it ;)