Top Data Science Platforms for Data Scientists and Developers
Once upon a time, Data Science was something that was restricted only to the tech giants, but in this fast-growing world, it is slowly becoming an integral part of businesses as big companies start to integrate these techniques into their business models. In this blog, we go through what a Data Science Platform is, the different types of platforms, and how they can be used to bring value to the business so that the big corporates can stay in the race to conquer the market of the future. What is a Data Science Platform? A data science platform is software that includes a variety of technologies for machine learning, data science, and other advanced analytics projects. Typically, data science projects involve using an abundance of ls (eg. incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, irrelevant parts) to be identified in each step of the data analysis...
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  • Ooo, very nice. Thanks for the additional tip! :)

  • RStudio also allows coding in both R and Python.

    It is much easier to administer than Anaconda, in particular for those with less experience managing packages.

    Here is a link: