The not-so-solo solopreneur: Advice on working smarter and staying connected
DropBox blog Becka Dente was taking a break from her decades-long corporate career when an unexpected message changed the course of her professional life. A former colleague was struggling to manager her business and looking for part-time support. She thought Dente—with her breadth of experience from sales and marketing to revenue operations—might be the perfect fit. “I thought, I can do a few hours a week. That's not overly committing to anything. And I'll still have time to relax and not really think about work,” Dente recalls. Those few hours a week slowly grew into a word-of-mouth business, and eventually, a consulting company called Purple Insights, where she advises clients on everything from corporate roadmaps to long-term business strategy. “That was sort of the gateway into starting my own company,” Dente says. “Twelve years of...
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