Ten Successful Women Shark Tank Alumni Share The Business Lessons They Learned From Being On The Show
The Emmy award winning ABC show, Shark Tank has inspired fans all across the word to embrace Entrepreneurship. The show has helped to create a sense of celebrity around being a founder. Authority Magazine recently ran a series called 5 Important Business Lessons I Learned While Being On Shark Tank . In the series we spoke to more than a dozen Shark Tank alumni, asking them to share how they went about preparing and pitching to get on the show and pitch to the VC’s. We also asked them about the business lessons they learned from the experience. It turns out that while most of us might not end up on Shark Tank, there is a lot we can learn about starting, running and financing a business from the experience of these founders. Here are ten highlights of our interviews. We hope you enjoy! Tiffany Krumins What was the “aha...
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