Taming Your Inbox: 5 Tips to Control the Chaos
“Ding” You arrive at your desk in the morning and are greeted by the not-so-welcoming sound of another batch of new emails that have come in throughout the night. You begin to scroll through them, finding that they are comprised of mostly nonsense with a few important details strewn throughout. “Ding” Another new email has arrived, and you begin to wonder how far back your neglect goes, so you scroll further down to look for the oldest messages you have yet to reply to. “Ding” Like a modern-day Telltale Heart, it rings louder in your ears as more and more emails come flooding in while you’re still just deciding which one to respond to first. You calm yourself and reply to one email to give yourself a momentary sense of success, and then…. “DING” The day has barely begun and already these incessant dings are testing the limits...
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  • Good information, just need to put it into practice

  • This is such an important topic.  We train all of our employees on best practices for maintaining email inboxes.  The ones that implement our training do much better with organization and efficiency and quality of their work.