Summer Staff Picks Hotlist

Summer hot enough for you yet? Let's turning up the heat with this exclusive Summer Staff Picks Hotlist. Sunglasses

Direct from the crew who curates our inventory, crunches numbers to find you amazing deals and helps bring to life the individual product pages of the Lenovo Pro Storybook.

Introducing some of the amazing, the wise, the brilliant... Lenovo Pro Merchandising Team! Tada

So, without further ado, let's meet the team and see what picks they'd recommend!

MX Keys Business, Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones & ThinkVision 14" Portable Touch Screen Monitor

MX Keys - "I use the MX keys everyday for work. They are lightweight and fun to type on. The light turns on as soon as you touch them." - Susan L. 

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones - "Great for work and travel! They also hold up well. I just replaced my old pair that I had for almost 10 years!" - Susan L.

ThinkVision Portable Monitor - "I have this at home and recommend this one too." - Alycia K.


     Susan L., Sr. Manager, Web Merchandising, At Lenovo since 2010

Legion Pro 7i Gen 9 & Legion Tower 7i Gen 8 Refresh

Legion Pro 7i Gen 9 – “Fantastic premium mobile Gaming system, packing plenty of power along with a vivid display.” 

Legion Tower 7i Gen 8 Refresh – “Well designed gaming tower that shows off superb performance and customizable RGB lighting.”


   Clarissa A., Sr. Manager, eCommerce Gaming Segment, At Lenovo since 2014

Lenovo Slim 7i 14", Chromebook Duet 3 & X1 Carbon G11

Lenovo Slim 7i 14" - "I have played around with a sample for a couple days, and if I needed a new personal Windows-based PC, I would buy this one."

Chromebook Duet 3 - "I have one for personal use. I use it daily to check email, stream movies and tv shows, listen to music, and play games. I love it!"

X1 Carbon G11 - "This one is my work laptop, and it handles everything I do without any hiccups. Plus is pretty light."


   Erin C., eCommerce Category Manager, At Lenovo since 2018

Thinkbook 13x Gen 4 & ThinkBook 16 Gen 7

Thinkbook 13x Gen 4 - "This model is CTO [configure-to-order] only but has a more premium feel. Kevin [Executive Direction of North America eCommerce] had a demo in the office last week, it’s something I would recommend for someone looking for a smaller screen (13”)."

ThinkBook 16 Gen 7 - "This would be another I would recommend if looking for a 16” display. There are several ready to ship MTMs [machine type models] if you are looking for options that are in stock." 

 Thomas S., eCommerce Category Specialist, At Lenovo since 2021

ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 Mobile Workstation

"The Lenovo P1 Gen 7 Mobile Workstations is our ultra premium, ultra slim, ultra performer. It has a brand new design featuring CNC'd anodized black aluminum chassis, 92% screen-to-body ratio, and a larger haptic touchpad. Our LPCAMM memory is unique in the industry. It's faster, lower latency, lower power consumption, allows for thinner chassis designs, and is NOT soldered so it can be replaced/upgraded! Its a beautiful machine both aesthetically and in performance."

    Steve S., Workstation Category Manager, at Lenovo since 2006

What’s your top pick this summer? 

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  • These are some amazing machines.