Smart Tax Write-Offs: How One Small Business Owner Bought a Lenovo for Both Business and Pleasure

As a solopreneur, every decision matters. From creating deliverables to wearing every hat in the business, you need reliable tools that can keep up with their dynamic business.

So, of course, when it comes to investing in a new laptop, you’re going to pick the savvy tax write-off option that also supports your hobby – right? Hinly gets it. He found the perfect balance between work and play, all while maximizing tax write-offs.

Meet Hinly

Meet Hinly Wong, a freelance copywriter with a knack for words and a passion for digital marketing. As his business grew, Hinly realized that his old laptop was struggling to keep up with the demands of his expanding workload.

“My old laptop was starting to die. It was like 10 years old. So it's about time.I needed a laptop that had enough power to do the things that I needed to do without lagging or crashing. And that's why I got my Lenovo,” Hinly told us.

But Hinly wasn't just looking for any ordinary laptop – he needed a versatile workhorse that could handle everything from Adobe Photoshop to client CRMs without slowing him down.

That's when he discovered the Lenovo Legion Pro 5. A powerful processor, ample storage, and crisp display made the Legion Pro a no-brainer. But what truly set it apart was how it could power his favorite hobby: gaming.

As a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, Hinly knows the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. A seamless transition from productivity to play and self-care.

Smart Tax Planning

Hinly was able to write off his new laptop as a business expense. Since he’ll be using this laptop 80% of the time, he can write off 80% of the expense. It’s under $2,500, so he doesn’t have to depreciate it over two years – he can write off the entire expense in one tax year with a Section 179 Deduction.

The Legion isn't just another laptop – it's a smart investment. Whether you're a digital marketer, a content creator, or a gaming enthusiast, the Legion Pro has something to offer for everyone.

Technical capacity

Hinly knew he needed a reliable, powerful, and versatile laptop to handle anything. We asked  Hinly why he chose such a powerful computer for his copywriting bussines. “You don't need the craziest laptop to be a copywriter,” he told us. “If you look at this specific laptop's product page, you can probably guess I love gaming.”

His business has evolved from focusing solely on copywriting and Instagram marketing to offering a range of services, including freelance in-house work with a lean marketing agency and marketing consulting. Plus, he loves gaming outside of work.

In classic solopreneur fashion, Hinly found the best of both worlds. “The whole point of business is being able to live the life you want. The Legion Pro does that for me. It's not only great for work, it's also great for handling Steam games.”


More than that, Hinly uses his computer to grow his community and fuel his hobbies. “Community is super important as a small business owner,” Hinly believes. “When you have a lot of friends who are non-business owners, you tend to struggle a bit because, you want to be able to talk about it with somebody who truly gets it.

Hinly knows that you have to be proactive in creating that community when you’re a solopreneur. He finds community online through things like gaming, chatting with peers on LinkedIn, joining online groups, and going to networking events.

Sometimes talking to other solopreneurs also just gives you permission to do things differently - change up your strategy or business plan. “When you talk with other people, you start to realize, okay, I’m not crazy,” Hinly said. When your only source of community is following other people's content online parasocially, it's hard to get out of your own head. Comparison and imposter syndrome can creep in and hold you back. “We all feel that, it never goes away,” Hinly noted. “But chatting with real people who do what you do helps so much.”

Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for business owners to prevent burnout and foster creativity. It’s hobbies like gaming and art, alongside setting boundaries between work and personal life, that allow for mental rejuvenation and fresh perspectives – which ultimately benefit business endeavors, too.

Hinly says there are three major benefits he’s seen from improving his work life balance by picking up new hobbies.

1. Self-worth

“It's so important that you create and cultivate a life outside of your business. Because, if you don’t, you fall into the trap of attaching your very self to your business and that’s a road to disappointment and depression.

I love having hobbies outside of my work to maintain my sanity and boundaries. It’s also awesome because when you're a creative business owner like myself having to solve creative problems in marketing, writing, copy, it's so important that you allow your brain to rest and not work.”

2. Inspiration

“You gain inspiration for your business when you tap into other areas of your life. I'm pretty sure 99% of my best ideas happen when I'm out of the office. It's really funny. When I’m not supposed to be working, that’s when it comes to you, you know?”

Ideas and creativity often strike outside of traditional work settings, that’s why so many creatives spend time pursuing hobbies and activities outside of work (or sometimes even during the workday). Allowing yourself to "be bad" at something is how you grow and it opens doors to unexpected insights and breakthroughs in both personally and professionally.

3. Growth

“As business owners, there's so much weight on our shoulders a lot of the time to make things work and to be the fixer. Having more areas of your life where you're allowed to break things, to make a mess, to get a little bit weird is super helpful when it comes to, not only business, but also life in general. Growing as a human being. Growth only happens when you break a bone. That's what I always say.”

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