Small Business Holiday Shopping Guide (2021)
The holidays are more than just a great time for consumers to score great deals on Snuggies and other things we all really don’t need. They’re also the ideal period for small business to upgrade their tech stacks from hardware to software to services. Of course, things have shifted quite a bit over the last few years, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have evolved beyond the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving. “Black Friday” has become a months-long-fest of etailers and retailers one-upping each other with the start time, length and depth of discounts. Yes, yes, yes. participates in these sorts of shenanigans too. As part of Spotlight ROI, we’re here to help you sort through the madness to get the absolute best deals for your small business. Know what you want? Shop early! If you’ve been reading the news lately, you know...
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  • I'm learning to only buy things that I need during the Holidays.  There is so much temptation to buy things that are a little cheaper during this time, but I really don't need.