OND: ThinkCentre Neo Show + Tell with Kelly Darden

Discover the ThinkCentre with special guest Kelly “KD” Darden, the ThinkCentre Product Manager in North America. With 7 years of experience in the technology industry, KD specializes in solution selling for customers working in the IT space.

Enjoy this show-and-tell product session if you want a close-up look at the ThinkCentre product line, Neo vs. M series, cost & comparison of ThinkCentre and use-cases. 

ThinkCentre Neo Show + Tell with Kelly Darden, Previously Live: Recorded February, 2023

Learn more about the ThinkCentre and ThinkCentre Neo line here.

 About KD:

KD is also responsible for educating peers on desktop releases, customer experience, and working with cross functional teams. As a public speaker and small business owner, KD uses his passion for technology to empower other businesses. You can catch him on Season 6 of the Emmy nominated, ‘Small Business Revolution’ show, available on Hulu and Amazon Prime. The show focuses on small differences that make big impacts for small businesses across the country. In his free time, he loves music, traveling, and reading.

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  • Thank you for that informative session. My goal for 2023 is to obtain a ThinkCentre M80q Tiny Desktop. This will save space when I am on the road with my two businesses. The Lenovo ThinkCentre M80q Tiny Desktop is a small form factor desktop computer designed for business users, providing improved performance in a highly portable package. Lenovo’s M Series family of desktops are built to handle the most demanding tasks with ease and reliability. The ThinkCentre M80q features the latest Intel processor and DDR4 memory, providing maximum performance and responsiveness. Lenovo’s engineering team has also included a range of security features, such as a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 chip and Intel vPro technology to keep data secure. The M80q is also equipped with Lenovo’s Active Protection System (APS), which provides additional protection against shock and vibration. Lenovo has also included a suite of Lenovo Vantage software to make managing the device simple, from energy management to hardware diagnostics. The M80q Tiny Desktop is an ideal choice for businesses looking for a reliable, portable desktop solution that provides superior performance and security.

    In my opinion, Lenovo has created a powerful yet small form factor desktop with the ThinkCentre M80q Tiny Desktop. With an Intel processor and DDR4 memory, it delivers maximum performance while Lenovo’s suite of security features ensures data remains secure. Lenovo Vantage makes management of the device simple and Lenovo’s Active Protection System provides added protection against shock and vibration.