LenovoPRO Staff Picks: Green & Ergonomic Tech Picks
Enjoying well-made products that are user-friendly, high-quality and cost-efficient with a long life is really the golden mix of a buyer's dream – no matter what the product may be. But when you add in another layer of eco-friendly design, earth-promoting impacts and an eco-friendly business model that promotes buyer well-bring and health... well, that's just the cherry on top. With all product-design impacts - the environment, our customers and employees – we focus on creating the best experience possible, leveraging the best practices we can. At Lenovo, we try our best to deliver the ‘cherry-on-top' experience from inception to delivery, bringing the buyer dream to life. When planning, designing and building our devices, we aim to do the same. So it’s no surprise that among the hundreds of products we offer, there’s some prime green...
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  • Recycling and Ergonomics are good