Lenovo Evolve Small: Enter now to transform your business

In the dynamic world of North American small businesses, some seek the spotlight and vital support for their growth. Lenovo's Evolve Small initiative stands as a beacon, offering more than just hope for these businesses; it's a catalyst for change. Over 1,300 small businesses have already received substantial support, exceeding $2.4 million in technology, financial aid, mentorship, and community backing. But our mission is far from complete.

The Evolve Small initiative is not solely about financial aid; it's about transforming businesses and propelling them to new heights. It's about creating a supportive network where small businesses flourish. Our dedication remains unwavering – to continuously support and offer opportunities to these often-overlooked small business owners.

Now, picture this: your small business could be at the center of attention. Imagine being the talk of the town with exceptional ad spots, cutting-edge tech, grants, and personalized videos. Queen Latifah herself could be the face of your small business across billboards, social media, and radio. This unprecedented exposure could skyrocket your business's visibility and reputation, setting you apart in the competitive market.

Moreover, there are three distinct packages, from Platinum to Silver, each awarded based on your application and location. To qualify for the Platinum or Gold package, your small business needs to be in Atlanta, Chicago, Raleigh, Dallas, Toronto, or Los Angeles. These packages offer varying levels of benefits and opportunities customized to meet your business's unique needs.

This incredible opportunity is available now through the entry period, running through November 27th. The Evolve Small initiative isn't just a financial boost; it's a platform where small businesses thrive, not just survive.

By providing technology, financial aid, and unparalleled exposure, the Evolve Small initiative aims to uplift and empower these small businesses to new heights.

This isn't just an opportunity; it's a transformational experience for your small business. The chance to have Queen Latifah promote your business and access these varying packages could reshape your business's trajectory.

The Lenovo Evolve Small initiative remains dedicated to empowering small businesses and creating a brighter future for them. Seize this remarkable opportunity and steer your small business toward success!

Don't miss out! The entry period runs through November 27th. Visit www.Lenovo.com/EvolveSmall to learn more and unlock your business's potential!