“If you want to create a fantastic work culture you need to hire smart people and give them interesting things to do”
"First and foremost: hire smart people and give them interesting things to do. Allowing them to have personal time in what has historically been the business part of the day is a big part of it. We’ve never locked down browsing or personal shopping or anything like that. If employees can save themselves a few minutes by taking care of some shopping for Christmas from their desk, why would I care about that? I know for a fact that they talked to a client at 10 pm last week and helped them with a problem. There’s a lot of give and take, and I am a believer in treating everybody as an adult. Making the environment comfortable, welcoming, and not so rigid is important. The rigid stuff always bothered me. I’m not a big rules guy. It would just seem to me that it kind of is common sense that if you’re hungry, you should probably go have lunch...
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