How Employers and Employees Are Reworking Work Together with Cory Hymel Of Gigster
"Automation and AI: Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have been transforming industries by taking over repetitive tasks and freeing up workers to focus on more value-added tasks. One example is the use of AI in customer support, where chatbots can handle routine queries, allowing human agents to handle more complex issues. This trend will continue to evolve, and workers will need to reskill and upskill to stay relevant in the job market." W hen it comes to designing the future of work, one size fits none. Discovering success isn’t about a hybrid model or offering remote work options. Individuals and organizations are looking for more freedom. The freedom to choose the work model that makes the most sense. The freedom to choose their own values. And the freedom to pursue what matters most. We reached out to successful leaders...
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