Green Business: How to lean green in your business
With the world slowly starting to reopen, many people are returning to offices in a both a hybrid and full-time model. Now is the perfect time to start instilling more green practices into your workplace! Here are a few tips from the LenovoPRO Community on how to make your business more environmentally friendly. Create a Hybrid Model If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we can be just as productive working at home as we can be working in an office. There are multiple benefits of creating a hybrid work model that can also shift your company to have more environmentally friendly habits. By not requiring employees to be in the office every day, you are reducing the amount of travel and CO2 produced from cars since they won’t have to drive back and forth every single day. Having less employees in the office on certain days also...
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  • Yes, we are to be good stewards of our land.  One thing that would help the most would be increased production of fossil fuels in the US and Europe so that we aren't purchasing products from countries that have very bad environmental policies.  In the west, we highly regulate pollution, so producing oil in the US would lower the costs of producing products in the US that will be much more environmentally green.  Also, it would prevent money from being funneled to countries that don't promote freedom and liberty and reduce war, famine, and poverty around the world.