Get the most out of collaboration software
We live in a world where virtual communication is the norm, and that’s not going to change. The pandemic continues to have an obvious impact on what we consider to be the normal workplace, and with many offices realizing that the hybrid work model actually improves productivity and reduces cost, this is likely how things will remain to some extent. Collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams , Zoom , and Google Meet have been saviors of the pandemic, allowing us to continue work even with much of the world shut down. However, we weren’t given a lot of time to adjust to the change and ensure we’re getting the most out of these virtual communication solutions we now utilize daily. Here are a few tips on how you can get the most out of your staff’s interactions with virtual collaboration software in the workplace: Make virtual collaboration...
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  • We stopped requiring people use video on their conference calls.  Makes most people more comfortable.  Video is not the same as in person.  You can see all people and yourself at one time and it is a bit overwhelming for many people.

  • Great Article!