From Frenzy to Focus: How We Can Cancel Hustle Culture And Create A New Sustainable Work Paradigm
Do one small thing a day that is just for you. Not because you have to or because your job or family needs it. Something just because you want to. It can be as small and quick as taking a few deep breaths before you go to work. It can be blasting your favorite song on your way home. Anything! "Hustle Culture” is an ethos often propounded by young self-proclaimed internet gurus that centers around the idea that working long hours and sacrificing self-care are required to succeed. This mentality may have gained popularity in the mid-2010s, but it has peaked, and now it has been sardonically renamed “Burnout Culture.” So why exactly is Hustle Culture the wrong path to take? What damage can it cause? What is a viable, sustainable alternative to hustle culture? How can we move from Frenzy To Focus? In this interview series, we are talking to...
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  • My last employer created a hustle culture. It was terrible. I worked round the clock, literally. They started letting people go, then giving me their jobs. I realized I needed to do one small thing a day for me and get the main things done, then filter in the small stuff. Before my time there was done, I ended up with the jobs of 8 different people and could not longer kill msyelf for a company who didn't care about me.